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7 TIPS to Help Your Business Respond to COVID-19 and Crisis
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Has COVID-19 paralyzed your business? Here are 7 tips on how to help your business respond and grow even during times of crisis.


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Place information on your website and social media pages letting people know what you are doing in your business to help them feel safe and better serve them during this time of crisis. Create a special page and then add a link to the header so that it is accessible from every page of the website.


If you have limited days and hours, or if you are temporarily closed, then be sure to go into your Google Maps listing and update your information. This helps customers avoid making unnecessary trips.


Update your social media accounts, “Go Live” with video, send an email broadcast to your list. Let people know that you’re going through this all with them. Now is a great time to connect with people and develop stronger relationships online. Create and send out personalized emails to your favorite clients, suppliers, and employees. Send out a text message and make a few phone calls too. Chances are, someone is going to be very happy to hear from you!


If your business can not create your own events in order to help people in times of struggle, then publicly support those that can. Your community needs you, one way or another. Now is a great time to partner up with other businesses, neighborhoods, churches, and charities.


Every single day creates new opportunities if you’re aware of what’s going on. Stay positive and let your media connections know that you are available for interviews, articles, guest appearances, and more. Now is a great time to focus on building up your personal and business brands. Be creative.


Have you ever written a guest post? Have you ever been a guest on a radio show or podcast? Now is a great time! People are consuming more information than ever before, especially if they’re working from home. No matter what your business is, you likely have great information that can help your peers, suppliers, or customers. Think outside the box and expand your reach. Join online communities, groups, neighborhoods, and stay active!


Your business may have to go through a huge transformation in order to survive in the weeks, months, and years to come. I’ve heard of fish restaurants that have become fish markets, pillow makers that now make protective masks, and physical trainers that now offer classes online. Think about were your business has been, the market you are in now, and the many directions the market can go in the near and long term.

Businesses that transform and disrupt the way that things are normally done can often be the ones that make the most money. The problem is that changing people’s behavior is extremely difficult, even if it’s for the better. I used to spend hours showing business owners how they were wasting money on Yellow Pages advertising, and yet they still spent thousands of dollars a year for over a decade longer, just wasting away their profits. Why? Because it was easy and they were used to it. They were busy being busy and didn’t have a lot of reasons to change.

Now, change is required. Everyone is being forced to change their lives in multiple ways. So what may not have been a reasonable idea a few months ago, may indeed be an incredible idea now. Need help? Here are 4 steps to rebuild your life, your business, and your income.

How are you and your business responding to COVID-19? Let us know in the comments below.